I guess instead of completing my homework assignment, I’d like to explain a bit about this blog.

To start, I have other blogs and things. I do enjoy the easy of using Tumblr and I’m more established as a user there. The professor, Dr. Carol Zuegner, was fine with us using Tumblr however, I’m taking a social media class. The point was to learn various media outlets and I figured I’d get my hands messy instead of taking the easy way out.

Some side notes about the class is it is about social media and how to use it to your advantage. Pretty neat that it’s exposing me to outlets I wouldn’t otherwise use. Such as Twitter. Twitter, twitter, twitter… I like the idea of twitter but I believe people abuse it.  I mean who cares about what you’re doing right this moment? Then I also associate young people like this: “omgawd ime lyk totaly in lurve wiv dis boi called Loueh Tomlison i tink his name is? ime gunna marreh him nd we wil hav lil babas. YA JEALOUS BBZ?!” with this site. This is a legit post by some girl. The same can be said for facebook but I find it more practical. It comes with more than just status.

I’m too tired to proof read this bad chicken so I’ll hopefully get around this when I post my “first blog.”