What do you see in the mirror? Can you reflect that person in just one sentence?

The One Sentence project is driving me nuts. Yesterday in class our teacher showed us a video from Daniel Pink about trying to describe yourself in one sentence and using that as a goal. Brilliant idea. It’s like a mission statement for your own mini company. Problem: I want to build my sentence involving my life for the future. Well, I honestly do not know what’s going to happen when I toss off my black cap in less than a year. More school, get a job, what job… Crazy list of questions pops up.

Back to the sentence deal, I was thinking of saying something along the lines of “she went with the flow.” It describes a lot of what’s happen in my life. I had the option of staying in California instead of moving my senior year of high school but I just went with it and moved. Also, seeing where life takes me has kind of been my thing. No way I would have thought I’d wind up in Omaha Nebraska. And who knows what’ll happen in the next year. Thing is, that sounds too passive. As fun as it is to flow, I want to make a Grand Canyon mark when I leave a situation. Well, maybe not that dramatic but the idea is there.

“She was kind, gentle and went with the flow but powerful when she need to stand”