LinkedIn, a virtual way of meeting people

It’s been about a week since I’ve signed up for LinkedIn. So far I’m struggling. Some small things are confusing or frustrating. I tried to upload my resume to the site and it only took one part. Even so, it didn’t come out right so I had to delete it. Finding connections started off rough but I’m now up to 8. Since it’s summer, I don’t think many of my peers are active enough on their accounts. Closer to the start of school, I’d like to see if I can add more connections.

For practical use for getting a job and such, I think you need to be fairly active and open to the community. Be willing to put yourself out there. Whether it’s adding big time, creditable people or posting on their forums, it’s about getting out on LinkedIn.

As for posting, I’ve yet to post. I have cold feet about it. There’s self pressure to be professional and have all my ducks in a row when I ask the question. I’m trying to read through various articles so I can properly respond to people. Here’s one of the articles that sparked my concern for my career field choice: Winners and losers in the cloud era. My question will defiantly revolve around people opinions of what will happen to the IT field. Tomorrow afternoon I’ll give it a shot and post my results here in a blog edit.

Overall, LinkedIn is a great source but there is a definite call for being active or you won’t get the result you’d like.