Facebook has been a way of connecting us all

Do you think social networks and the way we communicate are making us more isolated, less connected? Is there such a thing as too connected?

Reading over Pew Internet’s survey results, I’m kind of shocked to see some results. Their posting came just a little over a month ago states that since 2008, social networking has doubled. I was aware social networking was always recruiting someone new but it seemed in my life everyone already had one. But, to be honest, I picked up Facebook in the summer of 2008 when I started college. I always heard it was for college students. Now, little sisters of friends are adding me. Maybe more youth is diving into social networking. I remember having a cell phone in high school was the hot thing. Now kids as young as preschool are getting into iPads. But, back to my main point. I was shocked to see that social networking continues to grow.

Since Facebook dominated the social networking with a whooping 92% of people using that were surveyed, Pew decided to dig deeper.

“15% of Facebook users update their own status, 22% comment on another’s post or status, 20% comment on another user’s photos, 26% “Like” another user’s content, 10% send another user a private message.” Status I felt like could be higher. People love to talk about what’s up with their lives. That’s why Twitter is so thriving. Liking is also something I would have expected more of. It’s easy and there is some good content people post. Other than that, I can see the other stats being accurate.

As for their bolded topics, Facebook users are more trusting than others and Facebook users have more close relationships seemed a little weird at first then after reflecting, it did make sense. Facebook allows you to view people’s lives that you normally wouldn’t get to know on that level. Example would be some of my sorority sisters. It’s hard to keep up with nearly 150 girls and know them in depth. It’s just interesting to sometimes snoop of a girl that pops up in your feed. And, I don’t mind if they snoop back. Matter of fact, I leave all of my information open instead of being selective of what they can and cannot see. Moreover, I’m impressed by the number of people that have their cell number posted on Facebook.

Something that confused me in their posting of results was what they identified as an adult. Someone who is 21+, 30, 35? Who knows. I wish they had spelled out the age group better.

With Facebook being sure a huge part of our lives, I do think we can isolate our lives by living through others but it also connects people. I forgot my source but I heard once that Facebook saves hundreds of languages because people are able to practice it and keep in touch with people who still use it. Events page is huge for bringing people together. I don’t have all my friends in my phone but it’s nice to post on walls or creep to see how some are doing while off in different states.