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Who will be crowned King of Social Networking? The young rising GooglePlus or will the old law of the land continue to rule?

On June 28th, Google Plus opened its doors to invite only testers. By July 14th, Google announced it’s milestone of reaching 10 million users within 2 weeks opening its limited trial phase. Does this rapidly growing social networking site have enough to put Facebook on the shelf? Splashed all across the internet is people asking, what will happen to Facebook / Twitter with the release of G+. Reading people’s opinions on G+, it seems Google has out done themselves once again.

I’ve been on Facebook for nearly 4 years. Every so often they change and update the layout to make things more user friendly. As a way to keep up with old friends, new friends, even family (Daddy is always watching over his little girl) I’ve enjoyed my college experience with Facebook on my side. When ever I was awkwardly waiting for something, out came my phone to browser Facebook. But, now I may need to swap my phone’s homepages. I believe from this point it’s best if I bullets the pluses and minuses for each site.




  • Everyone has one… for now.
  • Stable
  • Already having a social networking site with everything on it
  • Mutual friending: creepers can’t creep


  • Farmville.
  • Annoying Apps ie: Farmville, Mafia… and random quizes (Which Disney Princess are you?!.. Go to Quizzilla for that junk.)
  • Chat feature. If this was Thursday morning & I was posting this, it’d be positive. I get early release on their updates and this one is a stinker. You may have all of your friends in group on chat but they mash them all together and say tada. It takes 1/5 of your right screen and they only way to take it down it to reload the page on GooglePlus (leave the site, har har?)
  • Hard to figure out how to make groups. Even I forget sometimes.
  • Mutual friending: you can’t creep
  • Did I mention Farmville?



  • Fresh start!.. All of those pictures and comments are “gone”
  • No Farmville!
  • Circles: easy control over friends and who sees what. Hurray!
  • More profession
  • Easier to creep on celebrities!
  • Google made


  • Can’t post on “walls” – I’ve had trouble with this one already.
  • Some sort of weird delay in the notification system (it’ll be debugged later)
  • Group video chat needs some cleaning up
  • All your photos belong to them
  • Name. Yes it is a Google product but couldn’t they come up with a better name? The Plus is cute though.

So how will college students react to Google+? It’s hard to say 2 1/2 weeks out. Honestly, my Facebook has been my college life. The ease of Event creating, old photos and high scores on games were great. Come the day after I toss my grad cap, I will more than likely deactivate my account and make my official change to G+. In class I always hear horror stories of kids walking into interviews and one of the things the guy says: so, we’ve Facebook stalked you. Do I really want to avoid friending co-workers to avoid photos of me chomping on a hotdog? Yes. In my opinion GooglePlus will help sort out some of this mess. Maybe the college scene will look toward GooglePlus for that more professional feel.

Some side notes about the two I discovered some great links about Facebook & GooglePlus.

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