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"Oh no! My stocks!.." It's okay grandma, it's only a game.

During class we talked about different social media platforms and Klout. Someone took both these and added in gaming to create Empire Avenue. Social Media Examiner has an in depth review the game here but I’ll briefly sum it up for my read though.

Empire Avenue is where you can buy stocks of real people. The value of a person rises and falls with how active they are on various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (I think..), Youtube and a few other social media sites. Like Klout, Empire Avenue some how takes all these channels and pops out a score for someone.

I would try out the game but the author of the article and a buddy were raving about the pop ups to do stuff within the game. While it is nice to have some guide, I get so easily annoyed by achieve this, jump through that, eat fire now that it’d be a turn off. And, best explained by the author, it’s a “just” be  game. You can pick it up as often as you like but there’s no real purpose to it.

The purpose of me bringing attention to this article  is because I found it fascinating that someone finally combined the social media to their apps almost. If you’re a big social media junkie or into the Facebook apps, this may seem pretty cool.

As a final side note, if you haven’t check out Social Media Examiner you should. The user interface is soo cute and the articles are clean cut, useful and… Just go try for yourself. (No teachers were an influence in the finding or raving about this site.)


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