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As the title reads, Google is changing their Google Docs to be more mobile phone friendly. I am insanely in love with Google Docs but in the past I did try to access it on my phone. It was upsetting that I wasn’t able to study for an exam because my phone couldn’t read  the non-mobile. Google’s updating comes as a sigh of relief for me and probably most college student / busy traveling business folk.

The author breaks it down into 3 main point.

1. Your channel: The place which houses all your videos, you’re able to easily customize the background so take advantage of it. Also, organize your videos. An example that comes to mind is Vat19’s channel They have all their videos plus their staff’s favorite. I always check out the staff favorite first because they’re great!

2. Your videos: Tagging your video is important so people can find your posts but also know what your video is about. Also, take advantage of the annotation option Youtube has released. It reflects favorably when your impaired  viewers have a chance to take up your message. There’s a risk to this however. With too many annotations floating around, it can take away from the video.

3. Correspondence: People troll and spam, there’s no way around it but make sure to keep our comment section as clean as possible. When responding to commenter’s do so in an appropriate way. How you act can impact how people view you and your company.

Bing is trying to sneak into Google’s market by stepping up their game when it comes to webmastering. Earlier this year, Bing released a more accessible BWT (Bing Webmastering Tool) for standard users. Frequently used options are easily accessible, user interface is more friendly and now comes in 34 different languages. With these changes, BWT hopes to see “further investments in the coming months.”

Technology giants (Microsoft, Google etc..) have their eye set on one of the largest ad delivery platform on the web: Hulu. Bringing in an estimated 2 to 3 billion dollar revenue, each company bidding has something to gain outside of profit. For example, Microsoft and Google could add to their media hosting frontiers. Yahoo has a fall back while it goes through their difficult times.

Google is under review for antitrust issues. They’re been marked for anticompetitive behavior when using their search options. While searching with Google, their advertisements and child companies come up. Google claims for now that the accusations are unclear and is only trying to provide the best user experience. Meanwhile, the FTC continues their investigation.

Ad Rants

DirecTV pulled an ad from Youtube featuring Tommy “The Truth” Thompson because of negative commentary. Viewers were upset because the video have racist overtones and violence. In an attempt to clear their image, DirecTV removed the video. Was this a wise move? One side believes that but simply deleting the video it disassociates the company with the bad views and everything is fine. Others believe DirecTV should face their problem head on instead of hiding.

Double take much! An ad on Groupon for chocolate dipped, sprinkle covered fortune cookies has turned wrong. Instead of a sweet delight, some unaware viewers may have their mind lead astray as an ad for these cookies appears to be something else. Sellers beware: positioning and angles may have mispections.

In one of the ads for the movie, a theater full of fans are greeted by tween sensation, Justin Bieber. The ad states, “This could happen in your theater”. Which misleads kids into believing that Bieber may randomly show up in their theater. Although, Paramount disagrees with the children’s group, they still pulled the ad.

An x-rate brochure and video posted to a porn site was released for menswear. Is this a good marketing strategy? Susannah Breslin, spokes person, agrees the use of sex and porn is a calculated strategy that does end with results.

Carolyn Everson, Facebook Global Marketing Solutions VP, released interesting statistics for advertisers. “75% of new parents would rather get recommendations from friends on Facebook than anywhere else and 74% who make purchase are influenced by friends. And 68% are more likely to recommend a product if the ad is on a friend’s page” which now explains the trend of companies releasing sponsored stories in order to draw in more customers and users.

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Skype has always had it’s place as a video chat and Facebook has been limited in that area. No more! Facebook is moving into Skype’s market by releasing their own video call system. As companies move toward the cloud, Facebook is hitching on by releasing the in-browser system. No Skype software installation required. But watch out Facebook, Google + has tricks of their own with group chat.

Sony PlayStation is tinkering with video games and printers. A printer with 50m of paper, randomly generates a race track complete with turns and obstacles. A termal laser acts as a racer as you steer with a controller. Don’t tell mother nature I guess.

After artist K.A.R.L completed a customer’s tattoo, he takes a snap shot of the double barcode placed in the center of a rose on his client’s chest with an iPhone. The iPhone reads the code and brings up a Youtube video to the same rose but with a cartoon man singing romantically. Another way technology bridges the gap between art and the human form.

Coca-Cola of Israel is challenging Facebook users to take photos of them recycling. And at the end of this event, Coke will announce the “Recycling King” to the most active user. So far their campaign has been a huge success!


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