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Wrap up of the session in one pretty little package

This is my final blog for class. I doubt I’ll use this anymore because I prefer Tumblr. They have a more user friendly interface etc. When I joined the class, I decided I wanted to try various media forms. In my mind, that was kind of the point of this class. I’m glad I gave WordPress a shot but it’s too clean cut of an interface and at difficult to use.

Going along with the idea of various media, I’m taking away some really neat tools. I’ve very interested in Storify. After our class assignment, I started to make another for fun. On Slashdot, there were TSA articles all over that peeked my interest. I wanted to make a collage and post it to Twitter. We’ll come back to Twitter in a moment. I want to talk about Linked In. I once told my teacher, Social Media class is like PE or working out. You need that push sometimes. I’ve been meaning to join LinkedIn a billion times over but I needed that push. I’m glad she made us create and use our profiles. Someday I hope to break the ice and post but there’s some glass that are harder to break than others.

Twitter, Twitter, Twitter… what a teeth puller to join. At the start of class, everyone raved about it and I wanted to gag when I found out I had to use it. My opinion has changed since then. I once believed it was an annoying life casting machine. I’m sure if you follow tweenie boppers, that’ll be the case but I followed a good number tech blogs. Sadly, I don’t see much use in Twitter other than to check out updates so I can see my account fading here pretty soon. Small confession as a side note tho. I did not understand this hash tag deal so I don’t exactly have a favorite or any tag.

So, what are some valuable lessons I learned? The trip to the humane society was one of the most rewarding experiences. It was a real eye opener to see the uses of social media and the extent someone has to go in order to build a lager, active community. I’m not going to say too much on this but check out my post about it. In all honesty, this is one of the most valuable lessons anyone going into or currently dealing with social media. If you ever get the chance, go to the humane society and kick it with Baxter & Elizabeth for an afternoon. It’s really worth it.

As for my sentence. I designed it to my ever changing life. It will probably remain my main sentence but in all honest, it’s hard to sum someone up in a sentence. Almost impossible. I’m more for paragraphs. Always adding and eventually becoming a book. Once I figure out my purpose and job, There’ll be a new sentence and so on.

So, final thought on this class. The teacher was really worried we wouldn’t get the bang for our buck or we weren’t learning anything. She shouldn’t be worried. It was a rewarding experience. I needed that motivation to join LinkedIn and to practice Prezi. Truth be told, she helped me learn to work with it more effectively. No it’s not a waste to ever take a class about social media. If you already know how to use Facebook great but do you know how to personally brand with it? I took pre algebra in summer school for fun (nerdy kid) two years in a row. Every time I took it, I got a new perspective and learned a new trick and got better. Social media is the same way. Some one else has always pioneered a new channel, why not listen?


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